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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Open Letter to the Pokémon Community

Dear Pokémon Community:

I had an unfortunate experience with a person on Pokémon Showdown today.  During a random Gen 7 match, I admit that I didn't do that well, but I didn't really want to give up until I was certain I didn't have a win condition.  When I was down to two Pokémon left and it came to turn 29, my opponent decides to speak to me and basically told me to just forfeit the match.  I ignored the person and continued on the battle.  The person then decides to continuously call me dumb over and over, shutting down any possible way to give them a response.  When I finally did decide to say something because this person assumed that I was a "dumb kid", they continued to call me idiotic for not quitting.

I get that you just want the match to be over, but I had two Pokémon left and people always say that it's not over until it's over.  When I was down to my last Pokémon, I did decide to quit so the person would leave me alone.

First off, yes, I apologize for dragging out the battle.  I didn't mean to act stubbornly towards my loss (I probably shouldn't have been playing in the first place due to lack of sleep the last few days and I couldn't think straight).  But, calling me names is not how to properly handle that kind of situation.  I respond way better to constructive criticism.  Instead of "You should just forfeit lol." or "Dumb kid." and constantly repeating yourself and not listen to the other person, you should use words that encourage a conversation, explain to the other person that it's okay to forfeit and that making that choice doesn't necessarily mean that you're a quitter.  An example of this would be like, "Hey, I think this battle is dragging out a little too long.  Want to start a new match instead?"  Something like this gets a way better response and if the other person is being a stubborn jerk, then just leave the game and move on.

Yes, I was very upset to the point that my hands were shaking while I was typing in the chat.  I wanted the person to stop talking to me since they obviously didn't care about me.

Should I really waste my time talking about this type of subject matter when people on the internet don't care how you feel and just want to do their own thing?  Probably not.  No one's going to read this and change.  There's way too much diversity in our world for people to think differently about these kinds of circumstances.

The only thing I could do was report the incident and I think going forward, I'm not going to play with random people anymore.  I'm only going to play Pokémon with my friends now, as with any multiplayer game.  There have been way too many times I got made fun of and crap and it's gotten to a point where I should only play games by myself or with people I know.  I have no idea what I did to deserve this kind of treatment, but it's ending here.  You are not allowed to play any game with me unless I get to know you first or if you're already a good friend of mine.  No more random people, period.


Jennifer Moore (EeveeChick10)

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